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Pamela Meredith

Pamela Meredith

Bulli , New South Wales


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In the year 2000 I started studying oils with a local teaching artist Peter Bates Bulli Show
1st prize for a portrait and Two 2nd places in landscapes
I have won the best of show with copperflame on line gallery

a few exhibitions with the Illawarra Arts Soc. I have sold many paintings with them
1 week exhibition in a local cafe where I selling a few paintings
lessons in acrylics using then as watercolour
lessons in using acrylics paints
lessons in face studies in soft pastels
lessons in how to draw hands and feet
DVD lessons on Acrylic painting
DVD lessons on Watercolour painting
Online watercolour lessons
online oils lessons
workshop on painting acrylic landscape on black

I live on the east coast of Australia at Bulli. I am married with 4 daughters and 9 grandchilildren I paint mostly in oils but I am trying other mediums too. I learnt painting in oils from a local teaching artists Peter Bates for the the year 2000 with him and I love learning more about about painting with oils. I enjoy long walks on the beach near me, music and dance. I really enjoy painting and loose myself in my work. I am a member of the Illawarra Arts Soc. and have sold some painting at their exhibitions. I am looking to extend myself with my art. My way of relaxation is to go to my studio put on a CD and paint. I have now been made the President of the Illawarra Arts Society Inc.

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LightHouse at Nobbys Beach Newcastle Australia by Pamela Meredith


Through the Window by Pamela Meredith


Wooden Bridge at Graften by Pamela Meredith


Great Ocean Road by Pamela Meredith


Rock Fishing at Wombarra by Pamela Meredith


Lawson River by Pamela Meredith


Lady in the Mirror by Pamela Meredith


Australia - Yarra River Melbourne at Night by Pamela Meredith


Wombarra Beach by Pamela Meredith


Backyard Cricket under the hot Australian Sun by Pamela Meredith


Umbera Courtyard by Pamela Meredith


Moon Shining through Rain by Pamela Meredith


Mystic Eye by Pamela Meredith


Tuscany Courtyard 2 by Pamela Meredith


Tuscany Courtyard by Pamela Meredith


Port Asaac Cornwell by Pamela Meredith


North Windang Beach by Pamela Meredith


Kiama Beach by Pamela Meredith


Haast River New Zealand by Pamela Meredith


Beached Boat and Fishing Boat at Gippsland Lake by Pamela Meredith


Mountain Stream by Pamela Meredith


Belmore Basin from the North Sea Wall by Pamela Meredith


Tiger by Pamela Meredith